COVID-19 Policy

Kendal Wills are pleased to have returned to work following the national lockdown, and we are able to provide all services to our clients, although some of our working processes have been altered and/or enhanced.

Kendal Wills’ intention is to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations, while also providing confidence that we are following best practice and will not expose clients or staff to unnecessary risk.

Government/regulatory policies

Kendal Wills is compliant with the Institute of Professional Willwriters’ (IPW) code of practice and has been closely monitoring advice from the IPW regarding working practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We note and follow all government advice regarding social distancing. When meeting clients at their home or in our office, we will follow social distancing guidelines, practice good hand hygiene, and avoid shaking hands. We will wear face masks if requested.

Where instructed to self-isolate due to the risk of spreading COVID-19, Kendal Wills employees may continue to work from home but will not visit clients nor the office.

We will continue to monitor and follow government and IPW advice.

Instruction meetings

Although we have traditionally met clients in their own homes, and will continue to do so where it can be done safely and with clients’ consent, we are able to take instructions for wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) by video call. Your Kendal Wills representative can discuss the processes of both options and advise on the best format for you.

We can also continue to see clients in our Kendal office. In the office, we will maintain social distancing at all times, ensuring the two metre rule.

Please note that where we have concerns about a client’s situation e.g. vulnerability or the possibility of their being under undue influence, we reserve the right to require an in-person meeting to take their instructions.

Signing and witnessing of wills/LPAs

We are continuing to carry out signing and witnessing of wills and LPA forms in person. To meet the requirements of our professional indemnity insurance, your Kendal Wills representative must be present at the signing, however s/he can act as one of your witnesses if you wish, to reduce the number of people present. Where possible and with your consent, we can conduct signing and witnessing outdoors.

Signing and witnessing of documents, inevitably means the documents being handled by up to four people at the meeting, therefore we will practice good hand hygiene to minimise the risk of spreading infection.

We note the Ministry of Justice’s announcement that it will allow wills to be signed and witnessed via video conferencing. For the security of our clients and to ensure the integrity of the process, we are not planning to sign and witness wills by video conferencing except in extreme circumstances.

Leaflet marketing

While distributing marketing leaflets, Kendal Wills representatives will continue to act with respect for the community. We will regularly wash and/or sanitise hands, and we will avoid properties displaying clear notices that a member of the household is self-isolating and/or has a weak immune system.