Kendal Wills work to a fixed price Terms of Business and so you know where you are at the start, and there are no nasty surprises. The prices are always kept highly competitive, whilst maintaining consistent quality, and include free home visits, up to a 50 mile radius of Kendal. The company is not VAT registered and so this saves 20% on the final bill. If you require something more complicated than normal, we will advise you of the price before work commences.

Why use Kendal Wills?

  • At Kendal Wills we aim to make sure you understand fully any advice and recommendations before you proceed.
  • We will explain any disadvantages to a course of action as well as the benefits so you can arrive at a clear decision.
  • We avoid jargon and legal terminology that can so easily confuse. We always encourage you to ask any questions you may have.
  • We do not appoint our firm as an executor or trustee in your Will. Instead we normally suggest you use family members or friends.

Write your own Will?

In practise we normally recommend people to seek professional advice when making a Will as there are so many things that can go wrong. Below we have highlighted some of the more common ones we see…

What can go wrong when making a Will?

1. Wills are drafted but just put in a drawer unsigned, undated etc with out the legal requirements.
2. Client signs the wrong Will, e.g Husband signs the wife’s Will/incorrectly spelt/incorrect details
3. Family members used as witnesses (Well, the surname is different!)
4. Signing of Will by witnesses done at different times and not in each other’s presence.
5. The will is never read by the client before signing and contains obvious mistakes.
6. Elderly client who has already lost mental capacity makes and signs a will.< 7. Family members put a parent or relative under pressure to write a Will with them as a beneficiary. As you can see there is plenty that can go wrong when deciding how you start a Will. We strongly advise against doing one online and "how to" Wills and recommend you take professional face to face advice where you can ask questions if you are not 100% sure. Remember, if a Will is invalid an “intestacy” will arise which is just as if the deceased person had no Will at all.