New customers are quite rightly often unsure how our service operates. Below I have given insight into our service and highlighted a few points you may find helpful:

1) Firstly we make an appointment to discuss your situation. This will normally take place at your home or our office. We do not charge extra for home meetings. Typically, this will take around an hour. What we are looking for here, is to see if there is anything unusual about your situation. Having discussed everything, we agree a course of action, and we will take your instructions

2) On arrival back at the office, we draft your Will. Once this is finished, it is checked for mistakes, and then a draft copy is sent out to you. On receipt of the draft copy, you are free to make any changes to the draft you like.

3) Sometimes we may feel a new Will could cause problems within a family. We will tactfully try and make the client aware of this.

4) If there are a lot of changes required to the draft, a second draft Will can be sent. Once you are happy with the draft, we arrange the second meeting.

5) At the second meeting we ask if a couple of witnesses can be available. Typically, they will be neighbours or friends. They should not be family or anyone who benefits from the Will, and they do not need to know the contents of it. At this meeting, you can sign your new Will.

6) Once the Will is signed and witnessed and dated, it is a legal document. We can securely store the finished document.

7) We do not appoint ourselves as executors in customers Wills. This means that on your death, your family are free to shop around, should they require assistance to administer your estate.